Finding Farro

Farro is an ancient grain. It was cultivated in the Fertile Crescent and is said to have sustained the Roman legions. Unpearled farro is high in fiber. Farro is also packed with protein and iron but it’s not gluten-free. The National Restaurant Association lists farro as a hot trend for 2016.

Farro is commonly substituted for rice and barley in soups and salads. A popular use is in the risotto-like farrotto.

I tried farro in both a salad and a farrotto.  Cooked farro is chewy, and it did not do much for me in a salad.  However, it worked just fine in this tasty farrotto:


2 thoughts on “Finding Farro

  1. Farro is the best. I just posted a squash farotto recipe (farotto is like risotto but with farro instead of rice). It’s ancient, healthy, and there’s so much you can do with it. Thanks for the post!


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