A Taste Of The Civil War

I’ve no use for Civil War reenactments.  I don’t need to participate in a lengthy march, shoot nineteenth century rifles, or play dead. Much easier to just read the book.

Napoleon famously said that an army marches on its stomach.  I’ve spent decades reading about Civil War staples: hardtack and Johnny cakes.  Reading is insufficient to convey how these horrible foods added to the armies’ ordeal.

Hardtack is a cracker made of flour and water.  They don’t call it hardtack for nothing.  I had to dip it in water to manage a bite.  Hardtack apparently lasts for years.  Survivalist websites recommend it.  As for taste, I’ve had better cardboard.

The Rebels’ diet featured Johnny cakes, pancakes made from cornmeal and milk.  A drop of molasses made the Johnny cakes more palatable.  Palatable does not mean digestible.

I don’t intend to make either hardtack or Johnny cakes again.



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