Playing Cartas

Spanish playing cards are completely different from the 52-card deck with which most of us are accustomed.  To start, there are only 40 cards: no 8’s and 9’s and face cards begin with 10’s.  There are no queens: knights follow the jacks.  Forget about spades, diamonds, and hearts and think coins, cups, and swords.  The fourth suit is clubs, but the clubs are literal, not clover-shaped.  We tried out two Spanish card games.  The first was Brisca, which was an uninspiring trick/trump game.    Escoba was more enticing, a Spanish variant of Casino in which players can capture cards on the table so long as the captured card plus a played card add up to 15.  Players win points for most cards, taking the most coins cards, capturing the seven of coins, and for taking the most sevens.  Below are rules for each game:

Ace of coins, jack (sota) of cups, knight (caballo) os swords, and king (rey) of clubs



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