Second Chances is an eclectic and electrifying discussion at the intersection of literature and history.  It focuses upon books that have fallen off the grid, former best-sellers and prize winners that remain worthy reads and that deserve a second chance. It also explores games, practices, events, ingredients, and other items that have  been forgotten or overlooked.

Second Chances is written by Fredda Katcoff.  Fredda  is a recovering litigation attorney, who has practiced law in both New York and New Jersey, for law firms large and small. She is a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia School of Law.  Fredda views retirement as a second chance to learn about a growing list of  interests and to discover roads not taken.

Second Chances publishes new posts on the second and twenty-second of each month.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I consumed this semimonthly ration already and am left with one worry – with everything going on at the beginning of next month will this load of intellectual nourishment still be released to me. I’ve learned to depend on it for different views of old loves.


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