So Last Century: What We Were Reading In 1918

The best-selling novel in the United States in 1918 was a Zane Grey western, but a number of writers published more enduring works.  Booth Tarkington came out with The Magnificent Ambersons; the family saga earned the Pulitzer Prize the following year.  Willa Cather described a childhood on the Great Plains in My Antonia.  Edgar Rice Burroughs […]

There’re No Olives In Salad Olivier

Salad Olivier is a traditional Russian salad.  It’s a mayonnaise-based potato salad featuring diced potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, pickles, peas and other veggies like carrots, onions,  and cucumbers.  Traditionally, Russians added wild game.  Now apparently bologna or sausage is added to the dish.  I used the recipe below but eliminated the bologna since it’s not high […]